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Archaic: a woman of masculine strength or spirit; a female warrior. Origin: Old English (used only as the name given by Adam to Eve), from Latin ‘heroic woman, female warrior’, from vir ‘man’.

Virago Entertainment believes that fearless storytelling starts from within. Throughout history, women warriors persevered with passion and purpose. Similarly, we are committed, and undaunted by obstacles in the current media landscape, to bring authentic and courageous female-driven content to the forefront. We hope to empower and inspire diverse storytellers, and strive to be a leading voice in the entertainment space to advance the female perspective, and impact a global audience.

-Oxford Dictionaries


web series & branded content


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Virago Entertainment is seeking financing, co-producing and distribution partners for our current slate of diverse projects. We also will accept select submissions via industry representatives, or with a standard indemnity release form after an initial inquiry, if it fits our mandate.

Genre: Action/Romantic Drama (based upon a true story)

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coming soon

call me jack


Logline: When Penny falls in love with larger-than-life, Green Beret turned Afghan bounty hunter, Jack, while he serves a prison sentence in Afghanistan in his hunt for Bin Laden, she has no idea how he will turn her world upside down and make her life a living hell with sex, drugs, murder and a fatal illness that takes his life and only temporarily spares hers.

Synopsis: The lure of a war hero, the draw of a life of danger. Primal sexual attraction to the darkness. Jack Idema was a man without a conscience -- at best a con man and at worst a monster unleashed by the U.S. government on the chaos of the war in Afghanistan. Penny loved him blindly. Jack dragged Penny into hell and left her there.

Life rights obtained.


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Screenplay/Teleplay Consultation

Unscripted/Reality TV Project Consultation 

Lisa will guide you at any stage, from concept creation through rewrite, as you develop an original spec screenplay/teleplay, by providing feedback and notes.

As a former Universal Studios-based development executive, Lisa has guided many screenwriters/filmmakers on plot, structure, character, and dialogue, including Steven Soderbergh. As a hired writer, she wrote both a feature film and a TV bible originating from producers’ concepts. Lisa is the recipient of multiple screenwriting awards, grants and options for her own work, and can develop across genres, though her specialization is comedy. 

Lisa will review your reality concept and/or pitch materials and help you to fine-tune it into a viable pitch, plus provide an overview of the current non-fiction landscape and potential buyers/mandates. If the client has resources to invest in a sizzle reel, Lisa will oversee the production and edit.

After more than a decade of creating/producing/directing/casting multiple iconic docu-follow, lifestyle and competition series, Lisa has an eye and ear for what works and what doesn’t. She has bought/rejected dozens of pitches as a Discovery executive and has produced numerous sizzle reels, including one that sold a series for 26 episodes. She maintains extensive contacts in the field. 


Lisa will bring your narrative film, TV, documentary or digital project to life by being the creative auteur who guides it.

Lisa has multiple directing awards for her original narrative work. She holds an MFA in Directing from AFI (#1 film school per The Hollywood Reporter), has had many influential directing mentors, and enjoys creative collaboration and leading a team. Lisa also boasts extensive experience in single-cam and multi-cam TV directing. She is a proud and active member of The Alliance of Women Directors (AWD).


Lisa will guide your project from pre-production through post, overseeing all creative and budgetary decisions, crew hires and delivery requirements. 

Lisa has a vast background in guiding long- and short-form projects. She has concurrently overseen multi-million dollar network series, plus holds a Global MBA (summa cum laude) from The Thunderbird School of Global Management (#3 international business program per U.S. News and World Report) and is a Producers Council member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA).


Lisa will craft an original screenplay or teleplay from your idea using her expertise as a writer to make sure it has great characters, plot, structure and dialogue. Requires appropriate on-screen credit and industry standard pay-scale.

Further to project development services offered, this includes actual writing or co-writing of an original concept or adaptation. Lisa has taken several producers’ ideas and turned them into tangible material. She holds a Certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA and has won multiple awards and grants for her screenwriting.

Social Media expert

Lisa will guide your marketing and social media efforts for a film project or brand campaign, including press materials, EPKs, social media and/or web content.

As an entertainment publicist and unit publicist, Lisa has produced over 50 EPKs for major motion pictures, written press kits and press releases, and handled press requests/junkets. She also has overseen digital marketing campaigns (including directing/producing web content) in conjunction with social media, for corporate and industry clients including Intel, SAG-AFTRA, and Levi’s, the latter of which received an OMMA Award for Best Integrated Online Advertising.

Note: When appropriate, agreement may include a first-look option to pitch a project under the Virago banner.


lisa caruso



Visionary. Creator. Doer. 
During her extensive creative career, Lisa is proud to have delivered engaging entertainment to audiences in all mediums and across all cultures. Whether as a Universal Studios-based executive where she worked with famed filmmakers developing feature film projects; as a producer on an Emmy-nominated HBO gang documentary that she got off the ground; or as a Discovery executive launching a new network in just 6 months, taking it to 50 million homes with 200 hours of original programming; no challenge has been too great. Lisa has been groundbreaking in producing and directing several iconic non-fiction reality shows that helped to define the genre. She created the very first downloadable series for mobile, and has been a part of Ashton Kutcher’s creative team, winning an OMMA award for a branded web campaign that reached millions of online users. In addition to having led multiple teams and crews in challenging situations, Lisa has been an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker in her own right. She earned an MFA in Directing from The American Film Institute, a Global MBA with honors from The Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a Certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA. Lisa holds dual citizenship with the U.S. and Italy, and has been to 37 countries and counting, including a trek to the basecamp of Mt. Everest. She is grateful for having met many amazing people and heard their incredible stories along the way.

No unsolicited manuscripts or projects accepted.

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"Lisa executed at a high level of efficiency and creativity. [She] works tirelessly and takes on any project with her full attention always over-delivering....I would recommend her as producer/director of any traditional or digital media production."

Daniel Tibbets, President and General Manager, El Rey Network

"...a leader by example, active listener, genuine, levity, tenacious, delivering results, self-motivated with a high entrepreneurial IQ and overall--positively inspiring! ...As a top entrepreneurial teacher globally and investor I frequently provide counsel and advice to the executive community. I will bluntly state you are among the top 2%..."

Aram Chavez, Entrepreneurship professor, Thunderbird School of Global Management

"Lisa is a great EP with a strong production background so she 'gets it.' She responds quickly and decisively and her feedback is collaborative, insightful, constructive and realistic. She's a pleasure to work with."

Chris Weber, Vice President, Global Production Services, National Geographic Partners
(former Discovery colleague)

"Lisa was a great colleague to partner with as she was always open to creative solutions that could enable the production of content for the client. Lisa was passionate and disciplined about our project but would readily collaborate and find creative solutions and ideas...."

Kris Ordaz, VP, Content Operations Partnerships at Maker Studios
(former Katalyst colleague)

"Lisa has always created 'win-win' situations that have been respectful of the production process without diminishing the needs of the network. Her creative direction has added a tremendous amount to the show. She has been a great partner and colleague who has shown a high-level of talent, creativity, management skills, and diplomacy."

Karen Katz, Executive Producer, After Five Productions (production entity for "Emeril Green")

"There is nothing better than working with a true production triple threat: strong creatively, understands production, and works within a budget --- and Lisa is a triple threat."

David Armour, Creator and Executive Producer